5 Reasons Why You Need Contracts In Addition To Clients

Ever had a brain fart? I’ve been living one myself for well over a year! Now for my clients, they can say they didn’t know. I don’t have the same excuse. I’ve lived on the other side. I know better.

I’ve been exhausting myself chasing clients to provide bookkeeping services and training. Of course, everyone needs to either learn how to do their bookkeeping themselves or have someone do it for them. You remember the IRS, taxes, yeah we all must file every year. It’s required, right.

The profit margins just aren’t there. Clients want to pay by how many hours it take to do the work, like $25-$50 an hour. Where’s the profit margins, not to mention taxes has to be paid on the money made.

I do love helping entrepreneurs too. You know when you got the bug. So I continue to help entrepreneurs but in a different way. Before it was tracking and keeping more of the money you make. Can you imagine how many clients I’d have to work with to hit 5-figures a month! Yeah, I’m a numbers girl. I did the math!

Now, I show clients how to tap into the trillion-dollar marketplace. My clients are able to make more money than they ever imagined. They’re changing the game for their family and creating new family legacies. With government contracting their opening up the opportunity to earn a MILLION dollars during their business career.

The vehicle for them, and available to you too, to make that happen is government contracting. I could give you many reasons why you need contracts in addition to clients. With you being super busy chasing clients, I’m going to just share 5 reasons here.

1 – You don’t have to convince them  

You don’t have to convince the government that they need what you offer. Nor do you have to convince them on value and price.

I’m asked often does the government buy what I sell? My answer, the government is not a manufacturer or producer of goods, so they pretty much buy everything.

2 – The government has money

You don’t hear, “I can’t afford that” I truly believe, although it hasn’t been verified, but if the government did need more money I’m pretty sure they’d just make more money. What do you think?

3 – The government pays on time  

You know exactly what I mean. I can’t be the only one that has chased clients down to get paid. The government pays as outlined in the contract. And if for an unforeseen reason they are late with a payment they pay you interest.

4 – You can reach your income goals faster  

I shared my story in this article. Say your income goals was $100,000. And you started out with low-end contracts at $25,000. You only need 4 contracts to reach $100,000. At the most that are 4 different clients. Now ask yourself currently in your business, with your current offers and pricing how many clients do you need to reach $100,000. Government contracting, faster and not working as hard.

5 – The government is looking for you  

The government set-aside contracts for small businesses just like yours. Their spending trillions of dollars with small businesses every year.

Sure, you don’t need the whole pie. But wouldn’t you like to get your piece of the pie?

I’ve given you 5 reasons why you need contracts in addition to clients to fast track your business to 6-figures and ultimately millions of dollars during your business career with less work.

Stop chasing clients and start landing contracts.

The first step is to get your business ready to receive government contracts.