3 Ways to TROUBLESHOOT your bid so you can increase your win ratio

In this video, I’m going to share with you 3 things that could contribute to you losing a bid

Here are the 3 reasons you may lose a bid…

1 | Vendor Selection

  • Teaming with the wrong vendor
  • Been disbarred from doing work
  • Delivery time
  • Type of warranty provided

Solution: Have multiple vendors with pricing and delivery time

2 | Finances

  • Lack financial stability
  • Financials don’t show the ability to cashflow the project
  • Good financial management

Solution: Already have in place: loan, factoring, etc

3 | Experience

  • Lack experience on that type of project (past performance)
  • Limited management experience (PM, owner)
  • No business experience

Solution: Strategy creation and teaming arrangements which both are covered inside the Contractors Edge Bootcamp.

Of course, there are other reasons you may lose a bid and with a bid process, you can eliminate many of the pitfalls saving you time and money.