Who's Your Customer?

Do you know who's your government contracting customer? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Most people don’t. Most small business owners jump all around the necessary questions and steps to getting their first government contract.

You don’t know what you don’t know. I give you that but how long do you really think it should take to get a government contract one year, two years, three years? Seriously, how long do you think it really should take? Come on? After a year of spinning your wheels, you have to know that something's not right. If you’re doing everything you know, it's what you don't know that is hurting you.

You may even ask people “how can I get my first government contract?”

3 Critical Answers to Questions You Don’t Know to Ask

3 Critical Answers to Questions You Don’t Know to Ask When Tapping Into the Trillion-Dollar Government Marketplace

The government spends trillions of dollars each year with small businesses and there’s an equal amount of people interested in government contracting.

I know this because I get so many people coming to me, wanting to pick my brain. Some have a lot of questions of which I answer and teach in my Bootcamp. Here are two questions most people ask:

  1. Does the government buy what I sell?
  2. How can I find out if they have contracts for the products and services I provide?

Now the government is not a manufacturer. Well, what I’ve realized is that there are two things the government produces themselves MONEY and SOLDIERS, but they still get support from contractors to make that happen.

They contract out everything else it takes to run the VA hospitals, military installations, care for soldiers and their families, administrative buildings, etc. can you imagine it? They probably buy what you sell too! Of course, you can take the time to do the research, just as a double check.

What you can’t do is be lazy and expect me, another consultant, or someone else to do the legwork for you, especially for free. (But no worries, I’m sharing with you just how to do that here in this article, so keep reading.)

Three things you should know about government contracting:

  1. It’s HARD work
  2. It’s TIME-consuming
  3. It’s very REWARDING

If you want that, I’m going to be sharing in a series 3 of the 9 Critical Answers to Questions You Don’t Know to Ask When Making the Government Your Client.

  1. Does the government buy what I sell?
  2. Who’s my customer?
  3. How to get my first contract?

These questions are enough to get you out there and just enough to be dangerous! You’ll know:

  1. If the government buy your product or service?
  2. Which agencies should you focus and include in your marketing strategy?
  3. Where to find your first contract?

This is a very small list of the types of services and products they buy. The government pretty much buy everything like:

  • Information Technology Services
  • Construction Services
  • Professional Training and Development Services and Programs
  • Administrative Services
  • Medical Supplies and Services
  • Office Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Automobile Parts
  • Tools
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Accounting Services
  • Staffing
  • Maintenance Repair
  • Janitorial Services

As you can see, the government has a broad range of products and services they purchase from small business owners just like you!

Not enough for you, yet? Not convinced yet? Yeah, most aren’t. You’ll want to have a conversation with someone like me to get the answer to the  question - “Does the government buy what I sell?”

Remember, when I said government contracting is HARD WORK and it’s TIME-consuming? Are you committed enough to put in the time to get the answer?

You can do a search of The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The NAICS industry codes define establishments based on the activities in which they are primarily engaged.

Searching for NAICS will allow you to see if the government has a code already set up for what you do. That’s the first clue that the government buys what you sell.

You can use this link, my favorite place to search for NAICS for my clients: https://www.census.gov/eos/www/naics/. Do a keyword search to find your NAICS.

TIP: Make sure to try different variations of keywords because the government may use a different word than you.

Write down the codes that correlate with what you do. I created a template for my clients to track their NAICS.

You can get the template here: NAICS Template. Those codes will come in handy later.

If you see that the government buy what you sell and you’d like to explore how we can help you get started faster, than going at it alone, as most clients waste anywhere from 6-months to 3 years trying to figure it out on their own before coming to us, where we help them find the missing pieces.

You should start here: Contractor’s Edge Virtual Bootcamp.

Don’t forget to come back for the second article in this series where we’ll be talking about who’s your customer. The government has a lot of agencies and all of them are probably not your customer.

So You Wanna Do What Your Friend Is Doing In Their Business? And So You Shall...

Your friend has shared with you what they're doing. They've quit their job, no more being a slave to the man, punching someone's else's clock, helping someone else live their dreams while theirs are on hold, and living paycheck to paycheck. Your friend has a business and now they're living the life they've always craved and have used the business they’ve always desired to make it happen.

Your friend is a government contractor and they're making more money than they would EVER have the opportunity to make on a JOB!

Being An Entrepreneur (It Ain't Easy!)

Do you go around believing that you need to have everything in place before you get started with something new?

I get asked often about my journey with coaching and mentoring as the student and not the teacher. Which is why I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned from the coaches I’ve worked with over the last 3 years.

I’m sharing this so that you can see that having a coach or mentor that can help you when you struggle, hit a roadblock, or feel overwhelmed with it all is totally worth the investment. I'm even sharing some numbers. 

The Government Never Really Runs Out Of Money!

I think I was more excited than the kids about our field trip to the Bureau of Engraving and Print Facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

It was on my list of places to visit this summer and then my son’s class had a field trip there!  I was like I’m going. Had my t-shirt and all.

The only down fall is there’s a no cell phone or electronic devices rule. I’m gathering they don’t want you to take pictures or record the layout, process, and machines in their facility.

If you ever had a question of will your client be able to pay? Will they pay on time? Will they see the value in what I offer. This will no longer be your reality. The government is different than most!

5 Reasons Why You Need Contracts In Addition To Clients

Ever had a brain fart? I’ve been living one myself for well over a year! Now for my clients, they can say they didn’t know. I don’t have the same excuse. I’ve lived on the other side. I know better.

I’ve been exhausting myself chasing clients to provide bookkeeping services and training. Of course, everyone needs to either learn how to do their bookkeeping themselves or have someone do it for them. You remember the IRS, taxes, yeah we all must file every year. It’s required, right.

The profit margins just aren’t there. Clients want to pay by how many hours it take to do the work, like $25-$50 an hour.

Are you ready for this? It’s just as good as having the cure for cancer!

What's up!

I’m gearing up this week for my next live training. And I was hoping you’d join me. Being honest, I’ve had the cure for cancer and I haven’t been sharing it with you.

Okay, it’s not the cure for cancer, but it’s the cure for you if you’d like to stop chasing clients.


I can’t tell you how many brilliant ideas I come up with. I even share them. And I know they’re brilliant ideas because they are out there in the marketplace. Lots of money is being made.

The only problem is I'm not making any of that money! The reason why is because I never brought it to market! I allowed the “WHAT IF’S” and “SHOULD OF’S” stop me.

Looking back it was nothing more than fear of the unknown. It’s no different than the woman staying in a bad relationship because she’s afraid of what could be.


Your business is not like the buffet line where you get to pick and choose what you want.

Ever went to a restaurant to order your food and get that gut reminder that this is not Burger King, you know “have it your way.”

Tools And Strategies To Help With Tax Time

Feeling a little overwhelmed this time of year even with the anticipation of a tax refund, yet dreading the process required to get you to that refund? Or maybe you’re just dreading the process of getting your taxes filed.

It’s not as daunting as you might think. Preparation is key. And here I’m going to share with you tools and strategies to make the process a little less painful.

Wait! Before you outsource your bookkeeping!

If you're making less than $100K in your business, it’s a good idea to wait until you’re able to pay for the services you REALLY need.

Paying less than $500 a month for bookkeeping services won’t get you much more than:

Tired Of Giving Your Money To The IRS? READ THIS!

Talk about my eyes about to pop out my head!

It sure felt like they were about to when I’d filed my taxes by the tax extension deadline back in 2009.

Did I read that correctly? Did it say amount owed $153,495.60.

OMG! Stupid, stupid, stupid. That’s me hitting myself upside my head.

I knew better. I should have:

The FASTEST way to KEEPING more of the money you make

If you EVER plan to jump into the role of CEO of your business and stop being just a work-a-bee. Then you’ve got to change your mindset from employee to entrepreneur and employer when the time comes

You can’t continue to do the things you’ve been doing around your money management if EVER plan to build wealth from your business.

There are 5 secrets to keeping more of the money you make so that you have more money than you have month instead of the other way around.

Money 1.0 - Every Business Owner NEED A BASIC Understanding of Your Business Number

Time to get your money right.

Bookkeeping is just as important as getting clients and customers, if not more. Think about it. What’s worst? Not having enough clients or not having anything to show for your hard work. Never having any money left. Having to work until the day you can’t work anymore. Living paycheck to paycheck and client to client. That’s not cute!

It even goes far beyond this. Here’s 9 reasons why bookkeeping is important to your business, but you just don’t know it...

3 Hacks To Preparing And Filing Your Taxes On Time + Eliminate Paying Late Fees

Tax season will be upon you quicker than you think! Especially if you’re not prepared. “I’m not going through this late filing deadline and spending 2-days before the deadline having to input an entire year of transactions into quickbooks next year, nope, not gonna do it!”

  • Sound like you?
  • Do you file your taxes by the April 15th deadline every year?
  • Have you filed business taxes before?

If you’re a business owner, you MUST file taxes every year, so this is for you.

Lost that loving feeling in your business? Here’s what’s missing...

I’d had my head in the sand for months as to the reality of my business. I’d achieved my income goal 3-months in a row. I had not even realized it until my daughter pointed it out.

I was too busy grinding and hustling to even notice. Sad right?

So for 3-months I had not celebrated not once my achievements. I did not reward myself. Shame on Felicia!

Since, I’ve created my money plan, which includes...


    Social media is a beast. There are so many platforms. New ones popping up all the time. I had questions like…

    • Which platform to use
    • How many times to post a day
    • Best times to post
    • What to post
    • What's acceptable
    • Should I be doing videos
    • Should I be adding pictures to my post

    Those were just some of the questions I had until...


    Yea, I did last night. I looked up it was 2 am!  I was so into doing a client's books that the clock was just tick-tocking away.

    I don’t usually stay up that late but I’d gotten home around, I guess 8 pm after catching an early movie with the family.

    After seeing the previews I was waiting for this movie to come out, 'The Accountant.'

    He wasn’t your average 'Accountant'. He did things with numbers that only some could not even imagine. He had another set of skills that he only used when needed.


    I was sitting with a potential client in their office. They have a project that needs to be done like yesterday. And if I closed the deal, I’d be starting on the project that day!

    My cell phone rings, “hello,” I said.

    “Mrs. Streeter. This the school nurse at Ruby Young. I’m calling because your son needs a change of clothes. I called his dad over an hour ago. But he’s still sitting here waiting. Can you bring him some clothes?”

    “Okay,” I said. “I’ll bring him some clothes. It’s going to take about an hour because I’m in Dallas plus I’ll have to stop by the house and get him some clothes.”

    Then I asked to speak to Freddie.

    Why you’re not making as much money in your business as you think


    I see this happening quite often. You’re making money in your business, but you’re not keeping as much as you’d like.

    When you’re not tracking your money regularly you’ll find yourself living client to client and check to check.

    It’s unexpectable, of course, it’s not what you want, but you’re too busy or you just don't know what you to do to put a leash on your money flowing out.