Can You Learn The Basics of Government Contracting

Whenever  I start doubting myself and my abilities, I remember my Dad telling me I can do whatever I want and be whatever I want.  

Now, my Dad played a very big role in my life, so… yes, I believed whatever he said.

I remember one time sitting in the office of my supervisor, the Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Veteran Affairs. I don’t remember why I was in his office, but I do remember a piece of the conversation.

Limit The Competition In 3 Simple Steps


1. Business Preferences - This is a tool we use with clients in our Contractor’s Edge Bootcamp. Depending on your business preference it reduces the number of companies bidding on a particular solicitation.


Oh, My How Things Have Changed!

12 Years ago this month…

  • running from networking event to networking event
  • living contract to contract and they weren’t consistently coming in either
  • seeking help from the Small Business Administration - any help given

Does Mixing Business With Friends Work?

It’s rude for your friend to say “no” when you ask them to teach you about government contracting.

Friends are the best. Although in business, often times it’s difficult to find friends that have a common interest and common goals.

A good friend always mean well and would never do anything intentionally to hurt you.

Winning Government Contracts Mentorship


Join me for a 6-week Winning Government Contracts Mentorship.

You’re stuck, Google and the SBA ain’t helping and you wonder if you’ll EVER get to the point to even bid a government contract let alone win one.

Win Government Contracts Guaranteed!!

About one-third of the people I speak with about my programs and government contracting, ask can I guarantee they will win a contract. And they want to know how long it will take to win the contract.

  • Are these same questions spinning around in your head?
  • Do you want to know the answers too?

Let’s think about this…

Are You Ready To Start Bidding And Winning Government Contracts??

Are we connected on social media? I had to share this and I wanted to celebrate a client success!

I want you to know that if you believe it, you can achieve it. Whatever your goals this year make a commitment to achieve it. The reality is most things happen with slow and steady

I asked a Next Level Contractor client today any questions they have for me today? I said, "I have my agenda of what we'll cover, but what questions do you have for me because I want to make sure we answer your questions."

He replied...

Government Contracting Success - Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Not knowing what questions to ask and when can tank your business relationships quick.

A potential client that’s been on my list for some time considered working with me, but before she pulled the trigger to work with me she had a couple of questions. Did I win any contracts? Did I have contracts for her?

If you’re in my community you can answer the first question for her, right.

My question to you, are you asking the right questions?

Government Contracting The 1, 2, 3 Sequencing to Land Contracts

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Sequencing - Doing The Right Things At The Right Time To Land Government Contracts.

This sequencing training is for Small Business Owners and Construction Contractors ready to land government contracts!

Ever feel like landing government contracts is an uphill battle?

I remember bidding contracts and networking like crazy before I landed my first government contract.

Want Government Contracts? This Is What It’s Going To Take...

Want Government Contracts? This Is What It’s Going To Take...

  • It’s time to Step Into Your Fortune. It’s time to take a chance on yourself.
  • It’s time to believe in yourself.

It’s time to let go of all that’s been holding you back...

    Government Contracting Basics -

    I recently recorded a video for my Contractor’s Edge Bootcamp community on searching fbo, the wealth of information, and how to use it. I got all excited because I came across contracting opportunities for a few of my clients.

    I reached out and sent them the video link via email and I uploaded it to the CEB portal.

    One of my clients called me about the video. They were going to reach out to the contracting officer and ask them a few questions in relation to the contract and how they planned to go after (bid) the project.

    STOP! Is what I said.

      Contractors You Can Level Up Your Small Business


      If you're not you can be, once you STOP with the EXCUSES! 

      STOP with the reasons. STOP with the feelings that are coming up everything you think about it. STOP waiting.

      The REASONS are made up. The FEELINGS are fear The WAITING is  not knowing what to do

      Stop with the DOUBT and Start taking ACTION...

      Are you mentally taking yourself out of the game?

      Have you been thinking there is too much competition in the government marketplace?  

      Surprisingly for most, there are at least three ways the competition is eliminated within the government marketplace and YOU don't have to let it stop you from walking down contracts.

      How I landed a huge contract in less than 30-days!

      There are billions of people in this world and the federal contracting marketplace. There are a few that you see often in the marketplace winning contracts. I wondered why that was especially with the government spending trillions of dollars every year with small businesses.

      At first, I thought maybe it was me. Maybe I’m tripping was what I thought until I started working with contractors in my business. What are they doing that I’m not? Why are they getting contracts on repeat?

      That’s when I realized they were doing something different than

      How To Get Contracts Now!

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      My Business Changed Overnight When I…

      Have you been struggling in your business for some time now? I struggled for 3 years trying to crack the code on government contracting to land my first lucrative government contract!

      I felt like I was going in a million different directions trying everything I could think of, what I’d learned at school, and what I saw others doing. I even attended workshops and seminars on marketing to the government.

      Just as scattered as I was with my efforts were the results I was getting.

      3 Reasons why you can’t seem to land your first government contract…

      I have people coming to me often because they’ve hit a roadblock in their business. They find it challenging to land their first government contract.

      I’ve narrowed it down to 3 reasons:

      1. They haven’t met the requirements because they don’t know the requirements...

      How I landed a $559K contract with one email!

      Do you really know the power of email?

      I’m asking because I didn’t. I believed that I had to go out networking, attend industry days, and trade shows to land contracts.

      Now I’m not saying these marketing activities don’t work or that they’re not important because they are! If I said any different I’d be living by a double standard, which isn’t cool.

      Understanding Government Contracting - Payments and Paperwork

      Have you ever taken a class where from the very start it seemed like a foreign language?

      I mean the stuff you were hearing sounded like something you’d never heard before. Like a foreign language!

      When you look at transitioning from private sector work to government contracting it feels the same way, like a foreign language. Yet, when you get into government contracting you think one contract from the next will be the same. It’s just not so.