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Ready to tap into the Government’s trillion dollar market place? Need proven fast track strategies while making sure your business is positioned for government contracting? Tired of someone else telling you how much you’ll make on a project? Want to be a Prime Contractor? I can help you cut the red tape plus answers to questions you don't know to ask! Peace of mind can be yours tonight when you decide to bring government contracting to the forefront!

I work with contractors and small business owners and have tailored my packages based on where you are in the federal contracting process and the results you want to achieve like prime contractor and positioned to make millions. I’ll show you how I landed contracts $7M, $11M, and $15M as a prime contractor.  Isn't it time you stop chasing clients and start landing contracts? Get started today and have peace of mind tonight.


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Ready to tap into the pockets of the biggest spender in the world? Come learn and implement the fundamental must do's, get positioned to receive government contracts, and make the government your ideal client.


I will get all setup in government contracting. Let me show you everything you need to know to position yourself for million dollar contracts as a prime contractor. I've landed $7M, $11M, and $15M contracts. It's possible for you. 


Game changer strategies for you and small group of your peers with step-by-step guidance to position your company to partner with prime and subcontractors to position your company to make millions over the rest of your business career.