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Hi, I'm Felicia and I help government contractor's who's struggling to get traction in the government contracting world and win enough contracts to be profitable in their business. 

there are 3 types of contractors Who Want In Goverment Contractors: 

  1. Contractor's who have always wanted to start a government contracting business; they just need to come up with the product or service they will provide.
  2. Contractor's who have a business and no idea how to start or grow their government contracting business 
  3. Contractor's who have been certified 8(a) but have no idea how to get a contract let alone take advantage of the wealth of contracting opportunities

Dream4self was created to help those who fall into categories 2 & 3.

I help you to master the government contracting marketplace, find your customer and win 6 and 7-figure contracts.

Around here I teach you How to leverage what you Really bring to the table, our experience navigating the government marketplace and the strategies we've used to take our business from $23,000 to over $7,000,000 in 18-months so that you can win your first government contract.

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would you like to know how you can START and GROW your own PROFITABLE FEDERAL CONTRACTING BUSINESS?


ready to learn how to turn your CONTRACTING BUSINESS into a profitable GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING business?

Get a jumpstart with these free Felicia & Dream4self resources: 

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how to

Find Out Does The Government Buy What You Are Trying to Sell Them

use these

Five Knockout Strategies To Help You Start Winning Government Contracts

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Increase Your Profits By $100K+ By Simply Checking In With Potential Leads

case study

How I Went From $23K to $7M In 18-Months And How to Duplicate My System