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Get contracts with high-paying clients with money allocated for you, the small business owner, who offer short-term and long-term contracts for your products and services.
The Government is looking for you! It’s your job to help them find you and be ready…  if your goal is to win six and seven-figure contracts you’re in the right place.


We are on a mission to elevate small business owners by giving you the strategy and tools to provide your service to the biggest spender in the world with small businesses, work with a select group of clients that are looking for you, and grow a million-dollar business.

There are TONS of programs out there that take months or years to produce what my team and I will help you create in record time.

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Government Contractor Accelerator Growth Strategist

Felicia Dupree, MBA is the CEO of Dream4self Business Services, LLC, a million dollar coaching and consulting brand. Felicia equips her clients, minority, women, and service disabled veteran small business owners, with the strategies and tools to secure government contracts by positioning, performing, pricing, partnering, and pacing. She can take your business from your first contract, to six figures, to a million dollars a year, and then to million dollar contracts in record time. She took her business from $23K to over $7M in 18-months. She applied and received her 8a certification within 90-days of submission, which is not the norm.

Felicia is an award-winning CEO, speaker, consultant and strategist whose work has been featured in Home Office Weekly, National Association of the Self-Employed, and Construction News. She is a published author. In 2012, she was awarded Top 500 Africian American Owned Businesses In American and Top Regional Small Business of the Year by Diversity Business. In 2019, she was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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