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Let me start by celebrating you! It’s a big deal to cross the 2-year mark in your business. According to the Small Business Administration, 20% of businesses fail within the first 2 years and 45% fail within the first 5 years. I’m really proud of you!

Right now you're over-worked, over-whelmed and over-committed and the thought of scaling your business is compounded by your belief that you have to work even harder to secure government contracts. So that means, your frustration level is rising, and you have no clue how to shift things.
By now you’re realizing…

The problem is you believe it’s something within yourself.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

More than likely you’re sitting stuck in the unknown. It is not the answer.

The path to securing government contracts is PROVEN.

The key is finding someone who has the steps to get you to the contract.

“I followed Felicia’s steps she gave: planning, positioning in the marketplace, built a profitable partnership, increased my capacity to perform, implemented profit strategies, and controlled my pace. It paid off! We were awarded our first contract, $49.9 Million Dollars.”

Ernesco, Construction

While working with Felicia inside her program, I won my first contract worth $48,500 and then a week later I won my second contract worth $47,000. I’m just short of six-figures in less than 90 days! Well worth the investment. And I know more contracts to come, so this investment will keep on giving.”



We are on a mission to elevate small business owners by giving you the strategy and tools to provide your service to the biggest spender in the world with small businesses, work with a select group of clients that are looking for you, and create a million-dollar business.

There are TONS of programs out there that take months or years to produce what my team and I will help you create in record time.

“Within six weeks of joining Felicia’s program, I used the framework we get upon enrollment and I won my first government contract worth $48,500! That was BEFORE we even completed the live training sessions with her. I am just getting started and I can’t wait to see how many more contracts I win as a result of investing in working with Felicia.”

-Tiffani, Landscaping

Being in the Accelerator is already mind blowing! Felicia is helping me tweak my offer, teaming relationship, and I am seeing results. I just closed a $468,500 contract!! Don’t question the investment, the ROI happens quickly when you implement her advice.”

Tesa – Professional Training and Development

There are TONS of programs out there that take months or years to produce what my team and I will help you create in record time.

What Is The...


The Contractors Edge Bootcamp is our signature program which includes an intensive online curriculum, group consulting Q&A calls with Felicia via livestream, and an exclusive mastermind of supportive small business owners working side-by-side to help you grow, scale, and increase your income leveraging our best in class strategy. 

The goal of this program is to provide you with all of the steps and support you need to create a highly profitable federal government contracting business that is 8a ready.

“By working with Felicia, I was able to apply for my 8a certification, enter into a mutually beneficial joint venture, a teaming relationship, and build a powerful system for bidding with financial controls and processes in place.”

-Kelley, Construction

Within weeks of joining Felicia’s program, I secured a $24,000 contract!”

Marcie – Professional Training 

Contractors Edge Bootcamp Curriculum

Phase One:


In the POSITION phase, you’ll redirect your focus on building a solid government contracting foundation that will ensure you are prepared and positioned to bid government contracts. You will learn our signature system to evaluate your current ability to deliver on projects and discover where your capacity needs to be to perform on your client’s project. You will create your unique marketing tool that will represent your company. You’ll get crystal clear about your preferences for your business and create your preferences as a government contractor. You’ll get your business registered to do business with the federal government and ready to take advantage of the Billions of Dollars set aside EVERY year for minority, women, and service disabled veteran owned small businesses. 

Phase Two:


In the PERFORM phase, you’ll build a pipeline of opportunities by completing the exact steps you need to take to hone in on “Who’s Your Client”.  You’ll implement our client validation system to screen agencies for better client selection and opportunities. You’ll identify your sweet spot with a contracting approach that aligns with your client. Learn what your clients have coming down the pipeline and know what gaps and deficiencies you need to address to be prepared and ready for when those opportunities hit the streets. 

Phase Three:


In the PROFIT phase, you’ll learn what to include in your bid and proposal assuring you include all your important pricing numbers and cost for a profitable closeout so you leave nothing to chance. You’ll have the secret sauce to find the right opportunities and then implement my custom designed Bid Go/No Go Formula to determine whether to submit a bid, in 10-minutes or less. Get the bid process and spreadsheets, designed with formulas. You’ll get a jump start on every solicitation as I walk you through creating your proposal template using my very own proposal framework that has netted me multiple million dollar contracts. Get the best kept secrets to breakdown a solicitation along with MUST know information that will rate you responsive so that you win more contracts. 

Phase Four:


In the PARTNER phase, with your goal being to build a million dollar government contracting business, it’s going to take expanding your resources, increasing your capacity and building your past performance using relationships that are mutually beneficial and outrageously profitable. You’ll get CONSISTENT, with increasing your leverage points by supplementing your resources to increase your project size and profits with the right resources, at the right time using the right strategy. You’ll have the fundamentals of bonding and insurance, which type you’ll need and when to pull the trigger on acquiring and increasing your limits. The true game changer strategy I’m sharing with you is how to set your financial house in order with the ability to float projects with limited cash flow. It’s time you discover what you bring to the deal table and why someone would want to team and gladly provide you with resources. I’m going to give you the exact structure to create and lock down your best deals. 

Phase Five:


In the PACE phase, you’ll start to  accelerate your government contracting results and now it will be important to control your pace for your next level while stepping into the CEO role, bringing the fun back into your life and business, cultivating a team environment that’s vested in your vision of having a million dollar business and control your growth for long term sustainability. You’ll focus on the marketing and developing new business to generate leads and build your pipeline.

You’ll be taught by me, the million-dollar government contracting strategist, Felicia Streeter. I’m known for taking my clients business from first contract, to a million dollar year, and on to million dollar contracts in record time. Our clients have generated more than $77M in revenue over the last 10 years. These strategies aren’t theory – they are PROVEN to work by me and my clients.

When Does It Start?

You start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate access to our online curriculum through the training portal along with invite to group coaching and Q&A call via livestream. And you can rest assured you’ll never feel alone in your journey, as you have lifetime access to the course material, when you enroll.  

What Is Included:

  • The Curriculum: Structured, comprehensive video-trainings, teaching and showing you what to do
  • The Coaching: Virtual livestream coaching and Q&A strategy calls on Zoom to include feedback/critique reviews of all your assets created, bid reviews, proposal reviews, and capability statement. Two group coaching call per month, we will discuss strategy, overcome any challenges and receive individualized support to know what to do, how to do it, fix any issues with your bid process, proposal, approach or strategy
  • Resources and Templates to assist in responding to proposals to fast-track your ability to bid competitively without having to figure it all out on your own
  • Proposal Debrief: After proposal award we will review your proposal and pricing. You will get actionable, expert guidance on what your next steps need to be to improve on your bid and proposal process and more
  • Six-Month Access to Group Coaching and Support
  • Lifetime Access to the GCA Curriculum


6 Month Program 

Start Upon Enrollment


“After starting from scratch, with just an idea, I won my first contract in 60 days of starting the program with Felicia. Within 90 days, I’d won 2 more and now in less than 6 months I’ve won a total of $96,000 in contracts plus a 5-year contract! This was really good. Thanks Felicia.”

-Tamara, Construction

I now have a systematic, optimized, and focused approach to being awarded government contracts that will also save time. Our company offers unique products tailored to the world of aviation. Such a narrow niche requires greater precision with effective marketing strategies. Working with Felicia has provided insights that I had not considered before. I highly recommend this program to those either established or just embarking on the journey in the world of government contracting.”

Paul, Mahogany Models

Who Bootcamp Works BEST For

  • Established six figure small businesses with past performance that want to add a new revenue stream and expand from the private sector
  • Small businesses that want consistent predictable revenue by way of larger and multiple-year contracts 
  • Small businesses that need and want help reading solicitations, breaking them down and writing proposals to the requirements 
  • Small businesses that want to bid a contract within the next 90 days
  • Small businesses that have a contracting opportunity right NOW to bid
  • Small businesses that have an active SAM registration and certifications and are committed to doing the work to grow their company in the Federal Government space with the Accelerator
  • Small businesses that are financially stable and capable of investing in their growth

Who Bootcamp Is Not For

  • Small businesses that don’t know what they want to offer
  • Small businesses that are not financially stable 
  • Small businesses that don’t desire to save time and understand the value of the outcome and the cost of lost contracts
  • Small businesses that are not able to price their services and want Felicia to tell them how to price
  • Small businesses that are not able to commit the time to grow their business in the Federal Government Space
  • Small businesses under the impression that you will win a government contract whether you do the work or not​
  • Small businesses that believe government contracting is a quick fix to making more money and that you’ll win a contract immediately ​

“Prior to soliciting Felicia Streeter services, my business was stagnant and definitely unproductive. Now, Felicia is guiding me step-by-step to ensure that my business is successful and flourishes in government contracting. If anyone questions the value of her program, don’t!”

-Ira, Learning Solutions

Felicia is the real deal! I enrolled in the Government Contractor Accelerator to become a  government contractor. Within weeks of joining the program, I won multiple contracts using the insights and strategies Felicia has shared with us. In addition to that, I’m focused on bigger opportunities and securing more contracts. I love having access to Felicia and the team. It’s helping me grow my business as a government contractor.”

Brittany, Janitorial

Meet Your

Government Contractor Accelerator Growth Strategist

Felicia Streeter, MBA is the CEO of Dream4self Business Services, LLC, a million dollar coaching and consulting brand. Felicia equips her clients, minority, women, and service disabled veteran small business owners, with the strategies and tools to secure government contracts by positioning, performing, pricing, partnering, and pacing. She can take your business from your first contract, to six figures, to a million dollars a year, and then to million dollar contracts in record time. She took her business from $23K to over $7M in 18-months. She applied and received her 8a certification within 90-days of submission, which is not the norm.

Felicia is an award-winning CEO, speaker, consultant and strategist whose work has been featured in Home Office Weekly, National Association of the Self-Employed, and Construction News. She is a published author. In 2012, she was awarded Top 500 Africian American Owned Businesses In American and Top Regional Small Business of the Year by Diversity Business. In 2019, she was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

“One of the best business investments I’ve made. A great experience with the game changer Felicia Streeter! If you are a minority, woman, or service-disabled veteran small business owner and you’re a government contractor, you HAVE to get in this program. It’s easily been one of the best business investments that I’ve made. I secured my first government contract as a prime contractor for $88,000.”

-Kimberlyn, Supplier

“A state contract working with Felicia. I just want to say Felicia Streeter is great. Less than sixty-days and I made a return on my program investment with one contract. My mind is blown. This program is amazing. If you are ready to secure government contracts you need Felicia and team Dream4self.”

-Candace, Professional Training and Development

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