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We Transform Small Business Owners Into Multi-Million-Dollar Companies

I’m Felicia Streeter, your Government Contracting Strategist. I help my clients cut through the red tape of government contracting and give you the answers to the questions you don't even know to ask so that you can navigate government RFPs so that they can build past performance, maximize the 8a program, and win million-dollar contracts.
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Contractors Edge Bootcamp 2.0

For minority and service-disabled veteran small business owners whose goal is to win their first government contract so that they can grow their business to six figures as a government contractor, start building past performance, and prepare for larger and multiple-year government contracts.

Government Contractor Accelerator

For minority and service-disabled veteran small business owners ready to grow their business to a million dollars a year so that they can be ready for the 8a business development program, take advantage of sole sources opportunities, and get those million dollar contracts.

Next Level Government Contractor Mentorship

An exclusive inner circle for established government contractors who want to continue to build a business that you can scale to multiple million-dollar contracts with team, build critical support systems, and  maximize the 8a program while embracing the role of CEO and stepping into being the true visionary leader of your business.

You’re ready for those Million-Dollar contracts

For minority and service-disabled veteran small business owners, we are the leading government contracting strategist. Unlike other government contracting strategists, we equip our clients with the tools and strategies to win million-dollar government contracts.

I can take your business from your first contract to six-figures, to a million-dollar year, and to those million-dollar contracts in record time. 

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