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Scale Business

For contractors ready to take their business to the next level? Troubleshoot what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it.

We’ll plan a strategy with a roadmap to bring systems and operational efficiency to your office and implement.


Grow Business

For the serious contractor ready to fast track your contracting goals with a pro? Find opportunities, build key relationships, bid contract, submit responsive proposal with First Class support.

It’s time for the next level because business owners don’t go at it alone.


Power Hour

Ready to get off the roller coaster ride of trying to figure it out on your own? Tired of attending information sessions, searching Google, and still getting nowhere?

A Power Hour Strategy Session is your major move into clarity, bids and profits.



Confidently bid your first profitable project in 60 days.

Claim your piece of the pie with the biggest spender in the world - the federal government.


Absolutely Great!

Felicia's program was great and she went deeper than just the surface stuff without overwhelming me with tons of info. I'm currently implementing the juicy content that you're sharing in the Contractor's Edge Program and have already begun to see results.

One deal totaling over $24,000! You've done a great job and it's a pleasure working with you.

- Marcie, Professional Training And Development


5 Year IDIQ $49 Million

We were awarded our first contract which was an IDIQ fixed price for 5 years. The dollar amount of this contract has changed our life no really I'm not joking. We get started the first week in February 2018. The total is amount is $49.9 million equals 9.9 Million a year. I followed the steps you gave the "Six P's." I positioned, I built, I increased, I implemented, and I controlled with the end result a BIG contract! Thank you for your help.

- Ernesco, Construction


I’m Really Pleased

I just wanted to say after session 2, I felt I got my money's worth. I'm really pleased. There is no way I could have even thought of doing what all you've shared. Our phone meetings have proven to be extremely worthwhile, as she provides nuggets that I’m sure are not common knowledge. Prior to soliciting her services, my business was stagnant and definitely unproductive. Now, Mrs. Streeter is guiding me step-by-step to ensure that my business is successful and flourishes in government contracting.

-Ira, Construction and Maintenance


Awarded 9 Contracts!

After starting from scratch, with just an idea, I won my first contract in 60 days of starting the Bootcamp. Within 90 days, I’d won 2 more and now in less than 6 months I’ve won a total of 9 contracts and one is a 5-year contract! This was really good. Thanks Felicia.

Tamara, Construction


Proud Teacher Moments

* Joel - $60,000 government contract!

* Saul landed 2 government contracts.

* $650,000 contract BAM! - Thanks Felicia, you've added 6-figures to our bottom line profits! - ConSol

* Jim landed a $180,000 contract base year with 3 year option!


If you know that you’re ready to get started, schedule a call. If you want to learn more about how we can help you in your business, check out the other programs that we have to offer to you and your business.