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bid first federal contract fast

I consult with privately owned construction contractors, who want to start bidding federal contracts confidently, correctly and fast, but can’t get past the contracting requirements and who want to win their first federal contract but can’t figure out the bidding and proposal process to make that happen and what steps to take next.

I help you become a federal contractor through strategic marketing, relationship building, and resource gathering so that you can win your first federal contract fast.

simple Execution



  • Win first federal contract

  • Consistently bidding contracts

  • Expand their area of service

  • Double their contract awards in a matter of a few months

  • Add 6-figures to their bottom line profits

  • Increase their capacity to manage multiple projects

  • Organize their back office systems for efficient project management and delivery

  • Create lucrative teaming arrangements for contract awards

  • Win their first multi-million dollar contract

  • Become a prime contractor with the federal government

  • Become a certified 8(a) company

this 1:1 CONSULTING IS FOR you if…

  • You want to bid contracts with confidence

  • You want to win your first federal contract

  • You’re no longer willing to accept what a contractor wants to pay you and getting short changed on contracts

  • You want to scale your business past just doing private work

  • You’re tired of the small contracts and want to increase your cash flow and profit margins

  • You want to expand beyond your local area

  • You’re tired of the struggle and want to take advantage of the opportunities made available to you as a contractor with the federal government


next level contractor topics

  • Government registration

  • Certification submissions

  • Establish marketing strategy

  • Customer acquisition

  • Design system for bidding contracts

  • Build system for responding to solicitations

  • Create system for responsive proposals submission

  • Analyze and modifying back office systems

  • Create financial controls

  • Design and clean up accounting system

  • Strategy mapping for leveraging resources

  • Next level strategy for dominating your entry into federal contracting

  • Negotiating strategies and creating deals

  • Establish prime contractor plan

  • Design 8(a) preparation strategy

  • 8(a) certification submission

  • And anything else that comes up for you…

ready to get started working together

Programs are customized for your needs. The investment ranges from $1,000 to $6,500. If you know that you’re ready to get started, book a call with Felicia. Schedule a chat, make sure we’re a good fit to work together, get you enrolled, and then we get to work!



Felicia's program was great and she went deeper than just the surface stuff without overwhelming me with tons of info. I'm currently implementing the juicy content that you're sharing in the Contractor's Edge Program and have already begun to see results.

One deal totaling over $24,000! You've done a great job and it's a pleasure working with you.

- Marcie Mauro

When I last spoke with you I was thinking about teaming with an 8a firm well I stepped out on faith. Well, I entered into a joint venture program with them and it has paid off. We were awarded our first contract which was an IDIQ fixed price for 5 years. The dollar amount of this contract has changed our life no really I'm not joking. We get started the first week in February 2018. The total is amount is 49.9 million equals 9.9 Million a year. 

I followed the steps you gave the "Six P's." I positioned, I built, I increased, I implemented, and I controlled with the end result a BIG contract!  Thank you for your help.

- Ernesco Oliver, BI FINISHES LLC



I just wanted to say after session 2, I felt I got my money's worth. I'm really pleased. There is no way I could have even thought of doing what all you've shared. Definitely work together in the future.

I researched Mrs. Streeter a great deal before I solicited her services. It was actually her thorough and informative YouTube videos that won me over as a customer. I was confident, based on the passion she showed in her videos, that the future of my company would be in good hands, and that it’d have a solid foundation. Our phone meetings have proven to be extremely worthwhile, as she provides nuggets that I’m sure are not common knowledge. Prior to soliciting her services, my business was stagnant and definitely unproductive. Now, Mrs. Streeter is guiding me step-by-step to ensure that my business is successful and flourishes in government contracting. If anyone questions the value of her program, please have them call/email me. I’ll be happy to talk to them about it.

- Mr. Ira McMillan, Right Click Learning Solutions, LLC

PROUD teacher moments…

  • Joey landed a $60,000 government contract!

  • Saul’s been able to get set up in the government systems, add more areas of service, receive his certifications, and get laser focused on his customer, their preferences, and forecast. Saul landed 2 government contracts.

  • $650,000 contract BAM! - Thanks Felicia, you've added 6-figures to our bottom line profits! - ConSol

  • Jim landed a $180,000 contract base year with 3 year option!

  • Felica you're good teacher - Brad Yang

  • Great stuff - Bellete

  • Thank you Felicia, great webinar - Jarred Olson

  • Thank you, you are the best!!! - Crystal James