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Government Contractor Accelerator Mentorship

Create And Execute On Your Customized Federal Government Sales Plan To Secure Larger Contracts and Increase your Revenue

The Biggest Mistakes Government Contractors Make

let me introduce You To My…

5-part Government Contracting Framework

It’s the foundation that the Government Contractor Accelerator has been built on. Every module shared falls within one of the 5 parts of this 5 part framework.


Is about strategically POSITIONING your business in the market to improve your win rates.


Focuses on bids and PROFIT tools, steps and strategies to secure larger contracts, increase your revenue and implementing bottom line profit strategies that are revealed in your bank account.


Begin increasing capacity PERFORM in your sweet spot to ensure that you hit 6 figures and maintain repeat customers while eliminating the ‘overworked feeling’.


Create PARTNER relationships that are mutually beneficial and outrageously profitable to expand resources and project size.


Controlling your PACE for your Next Level as you step into the CEO role and bring the fun back into your life and business, cultivate a team environment that’s vested in your vision, and control growth for long term sustainment.

Crush your goals with a system that makes it simple

When you consistently execute within the 5 parts of this framework hitting your revenue goals consistently and winning government contracts become the norm.

The Government Contractor Accelerator provides coaching and training along with accountability and support through the entire contracting process from implementing to moving your business through the training to taking action.

I will work with you through implementation to create immediate results when you follow my proven framework and the strategies are executed within the system and protocol I teach.

Allow me to be with you through the entire life cycle of growing your business with support and systems as you implement the process, begin to transform yourself and your business, take action, and course-correct as necessary because I want you to see results once and for all.

Time to get the fast track to federal government CONTRACTING success...the training and implementation system.

Tamara | construction

I won my first contract in 60 days. Within 90 days, I’d won 2 more and now in less than 6 months I’ve won a total of 9 contracts, total awards $96K and one 5-year contract!

Ernesco | Construction

Using the 5 P’s Government Contracting Framework we won a $49.9 Million Dollar 5-year IDIQ that’s $9.9 Million a year.

Marcie | Training

One deal totaling over $24,000!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a great question, yet I have no way of answering that question. What I can tell you with 100% confidence…if you bid no contracts, you will NOT WIN a contract. You should create a minimum goal of bidding a certain number of projects per month based on your goals and win ratio. We will work on this inside the program in Part 2 Profit.

Please note: We cannot guarantee and awards for any contract based on the Federal Acquisition Regulations [FAR].

Yes there will be an additional cost for those that will be actively involved in the trainings, asking questions, and providing input.

There are 5 parts of the framework. Each week you can plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours completing assignments. Keep in mind what we’re building you will be using to build your business for years to come. It will become a part of what you do to continiously grow your business.

Yes. When you get these pieces in place, they will apply to anything you plan on selling or offering to the government. Whether you’re in transportation, trucking, IT, professional development and training, janitorial services, administrative support, a contractor of ANY kind these strategies will serve you well and create bigger profits. If you’re still unsure, email us: with your questions.

Glad you ask. Yes. Ideally, the government want you to have been in business for 2 years, have past performance in the area you plan to bid, and ability to deliver on the project of course. We will dive deeper into this inside the program.

Certifications are not required. However, if you fall within one or more of the social-economic programs for which the certifications are built, I will encourage you to apply for all certifications that you qualify for. We can work on this witin the program, however; it will extend the program time and investment.

Yes. To secure your dates and get started in a way that’s easy on your cash flow, we offer two payment options. The first is a 2-payment plan, allowing you to secure your dates for a 50% down payment, with the balance due before your start date. You can also elect the 3 pay option where you will make a 1/3 deposit and the remaining balance will be billed in 30 day increments from the date of deposit. PayPal and Street Shares also offer loans to small businesses.

We would never want you to be unhappy! However, all sales are final. There are no refunds and no exchanges. Please note: We cannot guarantee and awards for any contract based on the Federal Acquisition Regulations. There are refunds available.

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