I Have an Important Question for You

If we were breaking bread over lunch tomorrow, what question would you ask me?

If you’re struggling right now, you could very well be one answer away from getting what you want. Not to mention when you asked that one question, it would then prompt me to give you answers to questions you don’t even know to ask.

When I was a newbie to government contracting, I had one question I couldn’t find the answer for over a year.

Can You Learn The Basics of Government Contracting

Whenever  I start doubting myself and my abilities, I remember my Dad telling me I can do whatever I want and be whatever I want.  

Now, my Dad played a very big role in my life, so… yes, I believed whatever he said.

I remember one time sitting in the office of my supervisor, the Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Veteran Affairs. I don’t remember why I was in his office, but I do remember a piece of the conversation.

5 Reasons Why You Need Contracts In Addition To Clients

Ever had a brain fart? I’ve been living one myself for well over a year! Now for my clients, they can say they didn’t know. I don’t have the same excuse. I’ve lived on the other side. I know better.

I’ve been exhausting myself chasing clients to provide bookkeeping services and training. Of course, everyone needs to either learn how to do their bookkeeping themselves or have someone do it for them. You remember the IRS, taxes, yeah we all must file every year. It’s required, right.

The profit margins just aren’t there. Clients want to pay by how many hours it take to do the work, like $25-$50 an hour.