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Let’s talk about those contracts you’ve been thinking about for a while now, but you’re just stuck in the unknown of what to do next to actually take the next step…

… or maybe you haven’t started because you keep putting other things and your personal life first. I get it.


What Is Government Contracting?

Got friends that are winning government contracts? Don’t know much about government contracting, yet the big checks got you interested? The government and its various agencies purchase products and services from suppliers, contractors, and service providers. Here are seven huge insights to why you'd want to be a government contractor. The United States government is the biggest spender in the world...

Get Your Government Contracting Roadmap

Government Contracting Roadmap: The Step By Step To Finding The Keys That Unlock The Vault To The Trillion Dollar Government Marketplace. Wanna know what we talk about in the course? This just gets my adrenaline flowing!! Submit your registration during your lunch break. Package and submit your certification in a weekend. Start bidding contracts in a month. Here's what you'll be learning... 

Why You Want To Create Collaborations

Collaborations and partnerships are the buzzwords in government contracting. Everybody is talking about them, how you should build relationships, and how lucrative they’ve been for them. But if you don’t understand the benefits and power of collaborations you may never see the importance of adding them to your business model. Here are three tips to collaborations being a game changer for your business...

The Key To The Missing Piece To Your First Government Contract

Government Contracting 411: If you're bidding government contracts and you've been doing it for some time, it may not be your numbers. More than likely it's your strategy and your process. We help our clients create a marketing game plan. No more reactive. It's time to be proactive with a strategy and process that win contracts.

It starts with your marketing, but before you can even say if it’s on point you need to double back and make sure

For who would you give ANYTHING to have access to?

How would your business be IMPACTED if you had access to me in your hip pocket?

What kind of impact could you have on your bottom line profits?

Make sure you're properly registered in the government's systems for work. Make sure you've identified ALL opportunities for your business. Make sure your certification package is complete BEFORE you submit. Design your federal contracting game plan and be laser-focused on YOUR customer to save you time and make money. Create a plan for implementation to FAST TRACK you reaching your goal. Gives yourself a fresh set of eyes on government contracting and your business.

Government Contracting Past Performance

Past performance is one of the BIGGEST keys to unlocking the vault to government contracts. You’ve done your research and you’ve found that one of the keys to winning those BIG government contracts is past performance. Yet, you’re asking yourself, how do I get that first contract if I don’t have past performance?

THIS is your key to success

Do you know the one thing that will make you a HUGE success?

YOU getting off the fence and TAKING MASSIVE ACTION!

You’re currently taking action, we all are at all times, we just don’t realize the action that we’re really talking. You’re either...

Winning Government Contracts Mentorship


Join me for a 6-week Winning Government Contracts Mentorship.

You’re stuck, Google and the SBA ain’t helping and you wonder if you’ll EVER get to the point to even bid a government contract let alone win one.

Win Government Contracts Guaranteed!!

About one-third of the people I speak with about my programs and government contracting, ask can I guarantee they will win a contract. And they want to know how long it will take to win the contract.

  • Are these same questions spinning around in your head?
  • Do you want to know the answers too?

Let’s think about this…