Future Client Process And Resources

Future Client Process And Resources

Yesterday I was hanging out with the girls and we were talking about things we like doing. I shared my love for teaching and training. How I taught elementarily and at the college level. I emphasized how I love teaching and training, which I do.

One of the ladies asked what I do.

I told them I had my own business and that I help small businesses start, grow, and scale their business in the government market place. Three of them asked for my business card.

With them asking “what I do” It got me to thinking what those in my community might not know about what I do or how I do something.

It came to me that you might not know the process of being a client of mine, us working together 1:1. It’s actually a simple process.

It starts with a conversation. For the right people, it takes less than 30minutes. During the conversation, I’m listening for key things to decide whether we’d be a good fit to work together.