Struggling to meet requirements try this

Struggling to meet requirements try this

While I was out networking. There was a procurement officer, in attendance. She told the entire audience...

We do not have enough minority contractors meeting the requirements to win our contracts.

When you bid and you don't win a contract, you'll ask for a debriefing. Here's what you’d probably hear.

You don't meet the requirements.

Have you heard that? You're probably thinking it's just you, but it is not.

Apparently, if you have this procurement officer standing up to a group of 100 people saying,

You guys are not meeting the requirements. We have opportunities we want to give to you.

What are they saying? Up your game, so you can meet the requirements. We have contracts we want to give to you.

Too many times, I see contractors bidding contracts they have no shot at winning. I don't know why, but guess what? Today that ends.