I can’t tell you how many brilliant ideas I come up with. I even share them. And I know they’re brilliant ideas because they are out there in the marketplace. Lots of money is being made.

The only problem is I'm not making any of that money! The reason why is because I never brought it to market! I allowed the “WHAT IF’S” and “SHOULD OF’S” stop me.

Looking back it was nothing more than fear of the unknown. It’s no different than the woman staying in a bad relationship because she’s afraid of what could be.

Tools And Strategies To Help With Tax Time

Feeling a little overwhelmed this time of year even with the anticipation of a tax refund, yet dreading the process required to get you to that refund? Or maybe you’re just dreading the process of getting your taxes filed.

It’s not as daunting as you might think. Preparation is key. And here I’m going to share with you tools and strategies to make the process a little less painful.

Tired Of Giving Your Money To The IRS? READ THIS!

Talk about my eyes about to pop out my head!

It sure felt like they were about to when I’d filed my taxes by the tax extension deadline back in 2009.

Did I read that correctly? Did it say amount owed $153,495.60.

OMG! Stupid, stupid, stupid. That’s me hitting myself upside my head.

I knew better. I should have:


I was sitting with a potential client in their office. They have a project that needs to be done like yesterday. And if I closed the deal, I’d be starting on the project that day!

My cell phone rings, “hello,” I said.

“Mrs. Streeter. This the school nurse at Ruby Young. I’m calling because your son needs a change of clothes. I called his dad over an hour ago. But he’s still sitting here waiting. Can you bring him some clothes?”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll bring him some clothes. It’s going to take about an hour because I’m in Dallas plus I’ll have to stop by the house and get him some clothes.”

Then I asked to speak to Freddie.

7 Steps to Life Changing Money Breakthroughs

You want to have a money breakthrough, which you may have experienced in the past, but you want to learn not only have to have a breakthrough but move past the breakthrough too.

You know your gift, but the problem is making consistent money, keeping more of the money you make, and your back office operations.

There are 5 Problems you Need to solve:


Checked your bank balance and you’re not happy with what you see?

It is totally FREAKIN your fault. Quit blaming it on anything or anybody other than yourself.

  • You’re the blame!
  • Own it!
  • And then change it!

Let’s switch PayPal accounts, she said. Now, why in the world would I want to do that!

Yeah, she actually said that.

Create Your Own Game Changer Success Story!

Ladies it's NEVER too late.

I went from $23,000 to $7,000,000 in 18-months with my construction company and from no clients to almost booked solid with my 1:1 bookkeeping services (only 3 spots left).

I didn't even realize I'd exceeded my goals 4 months ago until I'd sent my daughter my money tracking sheet and she was like

“Momma! You hit your goal 4-months ago! You better work girl!”

That's when I stopped to think about what it was that I'd done to achieve my goals.

What steps had I'd done over the last 6-months because I know half the success was contributed to what I'd done prior to the 4-month run.

I can tell you this...