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I recently recorded a video for my Contractor’s Edge Bootcamp community on searching fbo, the wealth of information, and how to use it. I got all excited because I came across contracting opportunities for a few of my clients.

I reached out and sent them the video link via email and I uploaded it to the CEB portal.

One of my clients called me about the video. They were going to reach out to the contracting officer and ask them a few questions in relation to the contract and how they planned to go after (bid) the project.

STOP! Is what I said.

  • I’m so glad he’s my client.
  • That he has me as a resource.
  • That he CALLED ME FIRST.

Let me tell you what you can’t do. You can’t ask the contracting officer questions AFTER a project is out for bid. If it’s on fbo and out for bid the contracting officer can’t answer questions to you individually. The contracting officer has to give ALL interested vendors the same opportunity and same advantage to ALL information. That’s why they have

  • Pre-Bid meetings
  • Information sessions

That’s why it’s so important to know who’s your customer, the contracting officers, and your business preferences. Which makes for a great opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive.

I asked my client what questions he had and told him I’d answer them.

His thought process was all wrong. How he planned to bid. I mean the entire strategy. Nevertheless, I answered his questions. I told him:

  • When to contact the contractor officer
  • What for
  • How to request a meeting
  • What to say and what questions to ask

Then it was time for some...


I’m giving you the opportunity for FREE coaching as I share what I shared with my client.

Here’s what you want to do and consider as you are deciding on:

  • Go / or No Go for a project. (Whether to bid the project or not.)
  • Check the due date - making sure you have enough time to put together the bid package
  • Check the dollar value - can you play at that level considering your current capacity to perform
  • READ, READ, READ, did I say READ the solicitation, documents, and everything posted on fbo in relation to the project
  • Make sure you understand and can deliver the scope of work
  • How are you going to deliver the scope - with in-house people or with subcontractors,  do you already have them, do you need to find them
    • How will you do that
    • Will your subcontractors be able to submit their bid to you in time for you to put together the bid?
    • Will you need suppliers?
    • Do yo u have relationships with the subcontractors already?
  • Will you be able to manage the project financially
  • Are you using QuickBooks or another accounting system
  • Interested vendors - great opportunity for partnering or finding subcontractors
  • Make sure you signed up as an interested vendor so you can receive updates on the project, new documents added, etc.
  • I also suggest you going back every couple days on fbo to make sure you haven’t missed any updates on the project.

There was more shared in the conversation with my client because it was a back and forth conversation.

Although if you’re ready to start bidding make sure to create yourself a checklist.

The goal is to make sure you’re not forgetting anything or missing opportunities.

It’s your choice as to which projects to bid and which you pass on, but from my experience, it’s so much better when you have systems and checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.


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