How My Client Won A 5 Year Contract Worth $50 Million

In this video, I’m sharing how my client won a 5 year, $50 million dollar government contract award. These strategies I’m sharing is used by all my clients and I use them as well in my business to win government contracts.

Here are 10 things I want to share with you to help you get to the contracting table, which is what I do.

These are things you either need to know, do, or change to get to that first contract award.

Government Contracting Fast Track

Do you know the difference between the person that chooses to wait 45 minutes or more waiting in line to ride the roller coaster at Six Flags verses the person that chooses to jump the line?

In this video, I’m sharing the impact of jumping the line whether at the amusement park or in government contracting to get to your desired results in less time.

The FASTEST way to KEEPING more of the money you make

If you EVER plan to jump into the role of CEO of your business and stop being just a work-a-bee. Then you’ve got to change your mindset from employee to entrepreneur and employer when the time comes

You can’t continue to do the things you’ve been doing around your money management if EVER plan to build wealth from your business.

There are 5 secrets to keeping more of the money you make so that you have more money than you have month instead of the other way around.

Money 1.0 - Every Business Owner NEED A BASIC Understanding of Your Business Number

Time to get your money right.

Bookkeeping is just as important as getting clients and customers, if not more. Think about it. What’s worst? Not having enough clients or not having anything to show for your hard work. Never having any money left. Having to work until the day you can’t work anymore. Living paycheck to paycheck and client to client. That’s not cute!

It even goes far beyond this. Here’s 9 reasons why bookkeeping is important to your business, but you just don’t know it...

3 Hacks To Preparing And Filing Your Taxes On Time + Eliminate Paying Late Fees

Tax season will be upon you quicker than you think! Especially if you’re not prepared. “I’m not going through this late filing deadline and spending 2-days before the deadline having to input an entire year of transactions into quickbooks next year, nope, not gonna do it!”

  • Sound like you?
  • Do you file your taxes by the April 15th deadline every year?
  • Have you filed business taxes before?

If you’re a business owner, you MUST file taxes every year, so this is for you.

Lost that loving feeling in your business? Here’s what’s missing...

I’d had my head in the sand for months as to the reality of my business. I’d achieved my income goal 3-months in a row. I had not even realized it until my daughter pointed it out.

I was too busy grinding and hustling to even notice. Sad right?

So for 3-months I had not celebrated not once my achievements. I did not reward myself. Shame on Felicia!

Since, I’ve created my money plan, which includes...


    Yea, I did last night. I looked up it was 2 am!  I was so into doing a client's books that the clock was just tick-tocking away.

    I don’t usually stay up that late but I’d gotten home around, I guess 8 pm after catching an early movie with the family.

    After seeing the previews I was waiting for this movie to come out, 'The Accountant.'

    He wasn’t your average 'Accountant'. He did things with numbers that only some could not even imagine. He had another set of skills that he only used when needed.


    I was sitting with a potential client in their office. They have a project that needs to be done like yesterday. And if I closed the deal, I’d be starting on the project that day!

    My cell phone rings, “hello,” I said.

    “Mrs. Streeter. This the school nurse at Ruby Young. I’m calling because your son needs a change of clothes. I called his dad over an hour ago. But he’s still sitting here waiting. Can you bring him some clothes?”

    “Okay,” I said. “I’ll bring him some clothes. It’s going to take about an hour because I’m in Dallas plus I’ll have to stop by the house and get him some clothes.”

    Then I asked to speak to Freddie.

    7 Steps to Life Changing Money Breakthroughs

    You want to have a money breakthrough, which you may have experienced in the past, but you want to learn not only have to have a breakthrough but move past the breakthrough too.

    You know your gift, but the problem is making consistent money, keeping more of the money you make, and your back office operations.

    There are 5 Problems you Need to solve:


    Checked your bank balance and you’re not happy with what you see?

    It is totally FREAKIN your fault. Quit blaming it on anything or anybody other than yourself.

    • You’re the blame!
    • Own it!
    • And then change it!

    Let’s switch PayPal accounts, she said. Now, why in the world would I want to do that!

    Yeah, she actually said that.

    Create Your Own Game Changer Success Story!

    Ladies it's NEVER too late.

    I went from $23,000 to $7,000,000 in 18-months with my construction company and from no clients to almost booked solid with my 1:1 bookkeeping services (only 3 spots left).

    I didn't even realize I'd exceeded my goals 4 months ago until I'd sent my daughter my money tracking sheet and she was like

    “Momma! You hit your goal 4-months ago! You better work girl!”

    That's when I stopped to think about what it was that I'd done to achieve my goals.

    What steps had I'd done over the last 6-months because I know half the success was contributed to what I'd done prior to the 4-month run.

    I can tell you this...


    • Need a money breakthrough?
    • Have an income goal you’re trying to hit?
    • Wondering why some hit their goals, but you haven’t yet?

    I say yet because I’m getting ready to break it down for you and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is make a few small adjustments. Are you ready?

    There are 8 areas you need to put yourself in check to experience the money breakthrough you desire.


    Check your bank account. Check your bank account. That’s the buzz I hear in the online communities.

    Yes. It’s a good place to start, but it’s not going to tell you the true financial fitness of your business. It just tells you three things:

    ✖️ How much money you have in your account at that moment

    ✖️ How income that came in

    ✖️ How much you’ve spent

    What about profits?