the journey of a contractor THAT has WON MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACTS...

I work with contractors and small business owners specifically to figure out their vision for living the life they crave and using their business to make it happen.

Once their dream has a destination, we then develop the exact game plan with the steps they need to take to accomplish those dreams and then we go to work implementing, including:

  • Navigating the government's system and getting on the government's radar

  • Seeking contracts that matches your capacity to perform

  • Getting the attention of key players both procurement, primes, and subs to land contracts

  • Applying for certifications for which you qualify

  • Creating your unique marketing strategy based off my signature template that has produced million dollar contracts

  • Finding the missing pieces to your current deficiencies

That's just the beginning of what I know you'll need to land government contracts. If you don’t have a clear and detailed step by step plan over the most important part of your government contracting business:

  • Profitable projects never become consistent in your business and you never reach the destination on those dreams of yours

  • Landing government contracts never happen and you'll continue to chase clients to make money

If you are ready to tap into the government's trillion dollar market place, start landing government contracts and want to know all you need to know, do, and learn so you can make millions over the rest of your career, take a look at our testimonials of how we’ve helped companies start to finally take control over their business growth and experience true freedom, living the life they crave and having the business they desire that they never thought possible before.

Yea, I Said It...


I pimp my money. I make money do the things I want it to do. Once I had a love affair with my money it gave me what I wanted. Those million dollar contracts with those million dollar bank deposits. Today I consider myself truly rich spiritually and financially.

My love affair involved me cheating on my money and treating it like a side piece to going back to what I'd learned and knew. Once I knew better I expected myself to do better! For me it meant going from subcontractor to prime contractor. 

The turning point for me was that Christmas when a prime contractor I was working under as a subcontractor on a government contract didn't have my check ready on that December 23rd as promised. I had 4 kids at home expecting christmas dinner and gifts. Plus my youngest was only 2 months old and needed diapers and milk! (During speaking engagements and workshops, I share the full story.)

At that time, I was not ready or positioned to be a prime contractor. However, I did make the decision to learn all the things I didn't know, get answers to questions that I hadn't before thought to ask, and I got myself a mentor. Someone that had started where I was at the time, yet had achieved the level of success I desired to someday reach. As you can see it worked!!!

That was a sneak peak into my personality. Now on to...

Who is That Girl? 

I’m THAT Girl. 

The Girl that You Want up In Your Hip Pocket And All Up In Your Business.

Hey there, I’m Felicia, I've Been In Business For Over 15 Years AND I'VE WON $7 MILLION, $11 MILLION, AND $15 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACTS. I've been married pushing 30 years! Pray for me!! I have 4 kids and 2 Grandkids.

I've been where you are now and to be honest I think I was worst off than most making $23,000 for the entire year total both myself and my husband.

That's why I help contractors and small businesses, just like you, shorten your time frame to land government contracts and provide you with the lessons I learned along the way. My government contracting business started well over 15 years ago.

I worked for the IRS, Department of Defense and other federal agencies to being an adjunct faculty teacher teaching QuickBooks, PeachTree, Microsoft Excel, and other business courses to my husband and I starting a construction company where we do Government Contracting.

It didn't take us long to realize the best place to be positioned is as the prime contractor. After making $23,000 one year, we decided it was time to position our company to be a prime contractor. We took the time to learn what we didn't know. There was no other option.

We found answers to questions we didn't initially know to ask. We got the support of a mentor to help us shorten our time frame to being a prime contractor and landing the big contracts. That's how we went from $23,000 to $7,000,000 in 18-months. 

A million dollar contracting business over the life of your business is possible for you too! You just have to have the tenacity to go get it!

Yes, Government Contracting is the bomb!


My Mission Is To...

Create An Army Of People That Are Changing The Game For Themselves Their Families And Their Generations To Come. Creating a successful federal contracting business is possible for you, and I can help you do just that!”

  • Ranked in Top 500 List of African American Owned Business in America, Diversity Business 2012

  • Awarded Regional Small Business of the Year award, 2010

  • Within an 18 month period leveraged and took my company from $23,000 to $7.000.000 in revenue

  • Featured in NASE Magazine, Dallas/Ft. Worth Construction News, and Home Office Weekly

  • Masters in Business Administration - Entrepreneurial and Strategic Management, Bachelors of Business Administration -  Management, Associate's of Business Administration - Accounting  - Alumni Davenport University

  • Biggest contract to date $15,000,000

  • Received 8(a) award within 90-days

  • God, Family, Business… in that order!

  • I’m a tell-it-like-it-is-kind of girl

  • I love desserts. I'll even make sure I don't eat too much food so I have room for dessert. Don't judge

  • I'm a movie junkie. Most of the time I go the day they come out. Favorites are romance, action, comedy, true stories, and dramas

  • I've been married for 27 years and have 4 kids, 3 grown and 1 still at home. And I also have 2 grand kids

  • In high school I played basketball, softball, the violin, and the viola

  • I like to proofread with a red pen

  • All my dreams from in my twenties I've accomplished, teaching at college level, working in corporate america, and having my own business 

  • Government contracting can be very lucrative

  • There is a way to conquer the past performance require

  • How to create deals that are mutually beneficial and outrageously profitable

  • A marketing strategy that get results like million dollar contracts

  • How to package successful proposals

  • Certifications are a key tool to use

  • The government does not manufacture things, that's why they are the biggest spender in world

  • How to overcome the bonding requirement

  • Teaming arrangements that work

  • How to tap into the government's trillion dollar market place