case study: How I Took My Construction Company From $23,000 to $7,000,000 and what i learned along the way

Federal Contracting is the most impactful and FASTEST way to grow your business. Felicia Streeter is one of the top consultants in the US and has worked with small business owners all over the world. Are you are next?

Federal Contracting Made Easy - Welcome From Felicia

Trying to get into Federal Contracting, yet you have a few challenges to overcome first?

In this video, Felicia shares the common challenges that most contractors face when getting into Federal Contracting and how you can overcome those challenges 

  • How to get into Federal Contracting
  • Need bonding
  • Need past performance in Federal Contracting before you can be a prime on a Federal contract
  • Need to increase your capacity to perform
  • Want to find out how to go from subcontractor to prime contractor

You're invited to have a conversation with Felicia on how you can get into Federal Contracting

Long story short. I went from $23,000 to $7,000,000 in 18-months with Government Contracts.

Hi, I'm Felicia Streeter, MBA. I help small business owners that's making 6-figures implement the Contractor's Edge and learn how to get into Government Contracting. I help small business owners do what they love and get paid for it by tapping into the pockets and profits of the biggest spender in the world, the Trillion Dollar, Federal Government Marketplace.