The Contractor's Edge

6-week bootcamp - tap into the trillion-dollar marketplace with predictable system to land government contracts.

We'll show you what to Start doing, Stop doing, Continue doing, and what to do Better. 


Stop begging for clients and start landing government contracts!

Contractor’s Edge is a complete immersion  CEO level mentorship for small businesses looking for a proven system for tapping into the trillion dollar government marketplace. Members of this program have a federal marketing game plan to follow that has the possibility to make them millions over the life of their business. 

For small businesses that want to tap into the trillion dollar government marketplace:

  • Structure business to land government contracts
  • Get set up in government's systems
  • Apply for certifications
  • Federal government marketing strategy 
  • Overcoming any current deficiencies


You’re in business to make as much money as possible, right? Government contracting feels overwhelming for you. And really, if you could you’d continue trying to figure it out on your own and not even think about getting help. 

But you now know better. You know that government contracting is a profitable strategy to add to your business growth strategy in reaching the million dollar mark and being able to experience more pleasure and profits. It all begins with you knowing how to conquer the beast...government contracting. 

If you’re like most clients, when they first come to our they are frustrated and overwhelmed with the whole government contracting process. They've gotten off track - unorganized, stressed, lost, frustrated, and confused about how to get started in government contracting. 

They now have gained someone to help them with their government contracting needs whether that’s mentoring, consulting, or training. 

They have someone to communicate with about their business today and government contracting strategies for the future. 

Working together many of our clients position their business to tap into the trillion dollar government marketplace while becoming efficient, profitable, and focused on what matters most to them, living the life they crave and having the business they desire. 

Is your business ready for government contracting? You may not know the answer, but I can help you find out. 

If that’s what you desire for your business, we have the Contractor's Edge proprietary system to fit your needs today and that will support you as you grow!

Let’s set up some time for a phone date to talk about which program is the right fit for you and how we can get you from begging for clients to landing government contracts. Isn't it time you stop begging for clients and start landing contracts?  No need to worry, we are a NO-JUDGEMENT ZONE. 


Ready to tap into the pockets of the biggest spender in the world? Come learn and implement the fundamental must do's, get positioned to receive government contracts, and make the government your ideal client. Leave with your company set up in government's systems, certification  applications submitted, and government marketing game plan. Next step after Bootcamp - Just Implement


Ready to land government contracts? Come learn and implement putting together bid packages, submit proposals, financial management, operations management, building capacity to perform, management of awarded contracts, past performance, business growth, field operations, protect the asset, building relationships: teaming agreement, JV, and subcontractors. Next step prime contracting and 8(a). 


Game changer strategies for you and small group of your peers with step-by-step guidance to position your company to partner with prime and subcontractors to position your company to make millions over the rest of your business career. Teachings consist of the Contractor's Edge proprietary system content pulled from Bootcamp and group program based on audience and objective.