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Ready to tap into the Government’s trillion dollar market place? Need proven fast track strategies while making sure your business is positioned for government contracting? Tired of someone else telling you how much you’ll make on a project? Want to be a Prime Contractor and positioned to make millions? 

We help small businesses fast track their results, make more money, and help them become a prime contractor with a profitable, scalable, and sustained growth faster than they could on their own. 

Our clients get increase results,  reduce stress, and make more money to better manage their bottom line profits. We're different than others in our industry because we fast track our client results so that they land their first government contract in 12-months or less, become a prime contractor and make millions over the life of their business.

We can help you cut the red tape plus give you answers to questions you don't know to ask

Peace of mind can be yours tonight when you decide to bring government contracting to the forefront!

When it comes to helping our clients tap into the trillion-dollar marketplace, our clients hire us for systems and strategy around getting set up, marketing, managing their government contracts, becoming prime contractors, and applying for their 8(a) certification. I am excited and grateful to use my gifts and talents to help our clients increase their bottom line profits. 

Unlike others we fast track our clients results so that they land their first government contract in 12-months or less. We expose the gaps then we find the missing piece to fill the gaps so their business experience growth and sustainability in the government marketplace.

For the last 11 years, we've used a proprietary process that helps our clients tap into the trillion-dollar marketplace.

 For example, we've worked with a client who was tired of begging for clients and begging to get paid. Through leveraging my gifts and talents on their behalf, we were able to help them land a $650,000 contract. Get started today and have peace of mind tonight.


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A 6-week program that helps you maximize your profit potential, get setup, learn fundamental must do's, minimize overwhelm with the piles of paperwork, apply for certifications and connect with your key decision makers, so you can start landing government contracts. This is a group program which will give you personalize advice + strategy + your unique marketing game plan + accountability along the way. You'll complete the work necessary to position your biz to receive government contracts during the Bootcamp while you have us to consult with along the way. Next step after the Bootcamp - Just Implement!


A 6-month program for those set up and ready to receive government contracts. You'll  learn and implement putting together bid packages, proposals, financial management systems, operational management systems, increasing capacity to perform, management of awarded contracts, building past performance, business growth strategies, field operation management systems, protecting the asset, building key relationships, determining which strategy to use when: teaming arrangement or  joint venture, tracking profit margins and key performance indicators. Next step prime contracting and 8(a). 


Workshop delivered over a 1-3 day period live or virtually. Host your own with a group of 5. Game changer strategies for you and a small group of your peers with step-by-step guidance to position your company to make millions over the rest of your business career. Teachings consist of the Contractor's Edge proprietary system content pulled from Bootcamp and group program based on the audience and objectives. The workshop is designed to where you have time with Felicia.  She rolls up her sleeves and get in the trenches with you, to work on each assignment and give you the crucial feedback and tools you’ll need to get moving quickly.