up level your profits.

Contractor's Edge is a 6-week, live training program for the small business owner who desires to create or grow their lucrative government contracting business and is ready to make a real impact on their bottom line profits.  

ready to get the contractor's edge?

The 6-week live course for driven, privately owned small business owners and construction contractors to take their dreams and skills to a new profit level.

Land contracts faster than you ever imagined by staying in complete alignment, nailing everything that isn’t working and walking down contracts.

Tired of running around from SBA to Score to the free informational sessions they host in hopes of getting a lead on how to get government contract?

Fed up with knowing you’re being underpaid but unsure of how to make sure you’re paid fairly?

Know you provide a quality service and you’ve done it at the speed of a drill but still feeling like you’re a start up (but dream of one day being a prime contractor))

Completely frustrated with how long you spent marketing your business, still no contract?

It’s time for you to get the Contractor’s Edge

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Live group training calls with Felicia to get your personal questions answered.

Felicia will be hosting weekly Q&A calls.



Connect with other small businesses who are on their own journey in a private Facebook Group.

Game changing moves happen within groups, so these connections can be one of the keys to your success. 


Game Changer

Success is an inside out job, we'll do the inside work to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

We'll work through clearing any mindset blocks or environmental habits that are holding you back.

get your mind right, get your team right, get your money right!

I was once in your shoes, just getting started in government contracting. I sought the help of the Small Business Administration (SBA), Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), and Score. They gave me answers to the questions I asked, but it wasn't enough to get me to that first government contract. Heck, I didn't even know the real questions to ask. This is probably your reality too.

Hi, I'm Felicia. I believe everyone should live the life they crave and have the business they desire. 

There's no reason to settle for a business that feels like a job and not living the life you've always dreamed. There's no need to keep waiting to be fulfilled in your life and business. This program is designed to support you in getting the success you desire in your contracting business, but also having the life you desire.

  • I remember that $23,000 year, rolling in and out of bed with work the only thing in between (had to do that one last thing to hopefully get a contract which lead to the next one thing) it was never ending and taking on contracts at one price and then getting screwed on the back end so they could increase their profit margins.
  • Plus.  I was broke.....I don’t know what the poverty line is but I’m pretty sure $23,000 is not far from it!
  • There was only two of us and there’s only 24 hours in a day which means we had to work one project at a time.
  • The fact is it was how I was thinking. I had to make a decision that I’d do different to get different. 
  • I had to get my mind right. Once I did that came the $11K month for 48 months!!! That’s what paved the way for $23,000 to $7,000,000.
  • Then $7,000,000 contract and $11,000,000...

You can up level your income and profits too. It’s time to decide. And it’s time you get in alignment. Then you can align your efforts. You can get the Contractor’s Edge!

program curriculum

What Will YOU Learn?

Over the next 6-weeks  you will engage with 5 modules as well as bonus materials designed to give you the life and government contracting  business of your dreams. Each module is filled with training videos, audio guides, templates, and workbook that includes websites terminology, and resource guide. This is your opportunity to become the next successful government contractor out there so take the time to explore the course guide outlined below. 

What we’re covering...

This Bootcamp is right for you if you’re ready to: 

  • Get clear on who actually buys what you sell 
  • Take aligned, strategic action and do the work 
  • Walk down contracts 
  • Invest in yourself so you can start doing what you desire
  • Be held accountable to do the work that will move you forward 

module 01 - plan

laying the foundation of your government contracting business 

  • Current Business Preferences 
  • Identifying Goals 
  • Current Capacity to Perform 

module 02 - position

drilling down who's your customer

  • Target Agencies – Who Are They? 
  • Subcontracting Opportunities 
  • Forecasting

module 03 - performance

increasing your capacity to perform

  • Resources
  • Building Relationship 
  • Teaming Arrangements 
  • Partnerships 

module 04 - profits

walking down contracts

  • Finding projects 
  • Subcontracts 
  • Networking 

module 05 - productivity

solve & fix the paperwork

  • Bid Packages 
  • Proposal Packages 
  • Capabilities Statement 
  • Systems , Workflows & Technology 

bonus module 06 - pace

drive your dreams

  • Controlled Growth
  • Bring the Fun Back
  • Design Your Destination
  • Protect the Asset

The Investment 

Invest in yourself. You’re worth it! 

Your investment in this Bootcamp : 


Cash Flow Minded Business Owners: 3-Monthly Payments of $400 (but only until Tuesday, October 31, 2017)


program "EARLY BIRD" bonuses


(The Early Bird Bonuses start disappearing on October 23) 

bonus 01

Contractors Edge v.1 (value $997)

(Start & Grow A Profitable Government Contracting Business)

Module 1 | Set up government systems

Module 2 | Certifications

Module 3 | Marketing Strategies, Creating Your Best Deal & M ore

bonus 02

Collaboration Blueprint System Product (value $997)

(Create Relationships That Are Mutually Beneficial And Outrageously Profitable)

Module 1 | Mission of Impact - Create a visual vision of the results you want and the impact on your bigger why

Module 2 | Self Worth / Net Worth - How to create your best deal every time

Module 3 | Irresistible Relationship Offers - How to create an offer that get’s potential partners to say ‘YES’ with ease 

Module 4 | Attracting Partners - How to gain visibility and credibility so that clients and partners seek you out

Module 5 | Maximizing Every Opportunity - How to leverage your newfound relationships and resources to produce more contracts and cash

bonus 03

Entrepreneur Edge Money Bootcamp Product (value $997)

(Clear Your Money Clutter: The 7 Step Formula To Move From Overwhelmingly Chaotic To Organized Abundance With Your Money)

Module 1 | Set a Solid Foundation For Your Money Management

Module 2 | Develop a Smart Money Mindset 

Module 3 | Accounting System Backend Setup

Module 4 | Money Flow

Module 5 | Posting Time

Module 6 | Financial Reports

Module 7 | Money Plan

Module 8 | Integration

bonus 04

my personal templates that I used to land million dollar contracts

  • My BID PACKAGE template (value $497) 
  • My PROPOSAL PACKAGE template (value $497) 
  • My CAPABILITIES STATEMENT template (value $297) 
  • My CONTRACT for Subcontractors template (value $497) 

bonus 05

Paid In Full Bonus

2 - one on one private sessions with Felicia, laser focused on your business (value $1,000)

Registration Closes November   14, 2017


Cash Flow Minded Entrepreneurs 3-Monthly Payments of $400 (but only until Tuesday, October 31, 2017)

I’m ready to join the program! 


this program is for...

  • Someone already creating income in their business but wants to get to 6-figure contracts and a backlog
  • Someone who is motivated, willing to do every single pierce of work even if it seems small, big, scary, easy, or unnecessary
  • Someone who has already started growing their business
  • Someone who is spending way too much time trying to manage both the field and the back office and want more flexibility as both are top priorities to success
  • Someone who wants to know how to walk down contracts so they can get bigger results
  • Someone who wants to do less, yet still increases income and efficiency
  • Someone needing to build past performance

You’re really interested in getting insight from me along with proven strategy combined with what’s already working for you

You’re totally 100% committed to your business and even when life happens you know your business is just as important because it’s creating your freedom and paving the way for you to change your family legacy... live the lifestyle you crave and use your business to make it happen. 

If you want something different than what you've been getting, then it's time to do something different. It's your time, now!

what's included

program Matrix

You will engage with 5 modules as well as bonus materials designed to give you the life and federal contracting  business of your dreams. Each module is filled with training videos, audio guides, templates, and workbook that includes websites terminology, and resource guide. This is your opportunity to become the next successful federal contractor out there so take the time to explore the course guide outlined below. 

  • (5) Training Modules: Video and Audio
  • (6) Live weekly Mastermind and Q&A calls 
  • Felicia as your coach and support for questions and challenges
  • You can watch at 2 am in the morning when I can't be with you, if you desire
  • (6) Weeks Access Private Facebook Group for all of us to mastermind and where you can ask me anything for the 6 weeks we’re working together + you can get started asking me things NOW as soon as you join (that’s extra time with me for free!) 
  • Worksheets and copies of my notes so you can easily go back through what you’re learning and make sure you’re implementing everything 
  • Access to the course content for 120-days

$7,500 Worth of Consulting Regular Price $5,500

(Investment increasing in 2017)


You're either at Yes, No, or Maybe. There is always a yes. 

  • I want you to sign up.
  • I want you to do well
  • I want to help you and your family

There is always a yes. 

  • Will you let me help you?
  • Will you let me help you land contracts?
  • I'm more committed than you are right now. 

Don't say "No" to million dollar contracts. 

If you say no to 7-figure contracts, you're saying "yes" to something else. 


There will be replays and if you cannot be there live, you can ask any questions in the group.

Registration Closes November 14, 2017


Cash Flow Minded Entrepreneurs 3-Monthly Payments of $400 (but only until Tuesday, October 31, 2017)

I’m ready to join the program! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the live calls be recorded? 

Yes they will! You will be able to be on the calls live + listen to each training call as many times as you want. If you have questions, you can post in the Private FB Group.

If I am just starting my business is this program still appropriate for me?

If you are starting a new business for the very first time, this is a great place to start as well as for those that have been in business for a while and is already set up in the government systems and certifications hanging on the wall! You see this is a step by step program where we cover the basics. There will be teachings on the content promised as well as open Q&A time at the end of each call. Those already set up for government contracting will be encouraged and guided on strategies and next steps based on where you're at in your business. The table is cleared for you to bring any deals you're working on to the table for discussion during open Q&A time. 

This Bootcamp is all about expanding your business and positioning you for your next level of growth and development with government contracting. If you’ve been in business for some time and are now at the point of diversifying by adding government contracting, you’ll enjoy the pace of this Bootcamp. If you’re just starting out, you’ll love this Bootcamp too.

I'm already in the government's systems and have applied for my certifications (or already received my certifications). How will the Bootcamp help me? 

Small business owners  join the Bootcamp for the marketing plan alone. What some find in attending the Bootcamp is that they have more contracting opportunities than they'd originally realized. And they may have landed a contract or two, but they haven't figured out how to keep their pipeline and backlog full.  Their current marketing plan or the lack of a marketing plan is where they are stuck.  And quite honestly, they join the Bootcamp because the investment is less than working with me privately. There is an option to work with Felicia privately, when spots are available. If you're interested in private sessions with Felicia go here:

What additional investments will I need to make in order to implement what I learn? 

None, there is no additional investments needed to implement what you'll be learning inside the Contractor's Edge Bootcamp. 

What kind of results can I expect?

The results are totally up to you. While I'd love to say that within your first 90-days after completing the Bootcamp you'll have your first government contract under your belt, that's simply not always true with so many variables at play. 

What I can tell you is that this program is jam packed with the tools, techniques, and strategies that have helped me and many others create a successful government contracting business. The program is an intensive and I can't honestly say that after the first few weeks you'll have your first government contract signed with the ink dried. 

However, if you're prepared and ready to do the work necessary and take action on everything you've learned the results are limitless and there are no boundaries of what your success could be. 

How quickly will I see results?

Now that's completely up to you. The great thing about this program is once you do the necessary works the results will follow the effort. 

We've had clients land their first government contract within 12-months of working with us. 

I always say consistency builds momentum and momentum builds cash flow. You'll know that your everyday actions begin to shift and your conversations are more focused and tailored to your customer and their preferences, positioning your business for government contracting. 

What if I change my mind and want a refund?`

We would never want you to be unhappy! However, all sales are final. 

You’re meant for entrepreneurship...

The thing is, you’ve always known you were meant to have your own business – maybe it shows up in your conversations or a feeling when at work that you could be doing that same work for yourself  – regardless, you know it to be true.


You know in your heart that you’re oh so close to having a successful contracting business. If only you had the support to make it all happen…

This is your chance...

You deserve the chance to go after and achieve your dreams, and this is it. Don’t hesitate, because this can be the moment everything changes for you…

It only takes one  decision for you to make all your dreams come true. Make the decision and then make the decision right! - Felicia Streeter

get started today!



Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.