5 simple government subcontracting secrets

Render Your Potential Primes OBJECTION-LESS And Have Them Giving You Bidding Opportunities

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What you'll learn

Training Call Replay $27 (Special $7)

Point 1 | How to get prime contractors asking you to bid on their projects 

Point 2 | Learn the power of being a subcontractor FIRST

Point 3 | Key ingredients that mix for a winning irresistible relationship

Point 4 | Discover the four types of relationships at your disposal

Point 5 | What actions to take over the next 30-days

What's Included:

  • Audio Training
  • Guide
  • Worksheets


learn what my clients are doing to land 6-figure contracts

This Training Call Replay Is For You If...

  • You're tired of BEGGING for clients and instead want to LAND government contracts
  • You’re tired of being screwed by prime contractor
  • You’re ready to get your piece of the trillion-dollar pie SOONER rather than later
  • Are you ready to receive a government contract?

Let's map it out together, shall we?

Service & Suppliers

Service & Suppliers

Construction & Trucking

Construction & Trucking

Trainers & Other Industries

Trainers & Other Industries


but you want to be a prime, you say

stop leaving money on the table!

Here's the thing...If you're not positioned and ready to be a prime - Subcontracting is the perfect place to start

The government spends trillions of dollars each year with small business owners. They even have set-asides for... 

  • Women Owned Businesses
  • Service Disabled Veterans
  • Minority Owned Businesses

Does your business represent one of these set-aside categories? 

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